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Palm Beach County has quite interesting tales to tell, the most prominent of which is how it came into being. Nearly every city in the County is a result of gradual progress and development that transformed the region from a swampland into one of the world’s most popular resort community. Midway through all the progress and urbanization, most cities in the county lost their connection with Nature, turning instead into concrete jungles. But there’s one city which still retains its natural beauty, despite urbanization forced its way – and that is Royal Palm Beach. The city with its abundant green space, natural reserves and parks, is the perfect green gateway and maintains its image of being an urban city cradled in the arms of Nature, to this day!

Disrupting its bottomline

In 1950s Sam and Hattie Friedland purchased over 65000 acres of land and wanted to build a place that was unlike any other in the county. Despite progress and city expansion, its bottom line remained preserved – and that is to accommodate as much green space as possible. And true to this vision, the city is now infused with a number of natural elements, right from parks to sanctuaries and more. However, while the city is as close to nature as it can be, there’s one facet that couldn’t be addressed – it’s scorching summer temperatures. No amount of trees could shade the city from Florida’s brutal sun, which prompted the city to embrace air conditioners in 1950s. Today, ACs have become a vital part of life in Royal Palm Beach.

Judicious use of air conditioners:

Running ACs throughout the year or refusing to replace old and clunky ACs can have an adverse impact on the environment. To use them right, you need to make sure you have the right AC partner with you to guide you through installation, carry out repairs and provide maintenance. Trust Royal Palm Beach AC Services for the job! We’ve been serving the Royal Palm Beach community for over two decades now and are in keeping with the vision of the city’s founders. We do everything it takes to minimize the harmful effect of ACs on the environment, by enlightening our clients on the efficient use of ACs, providing regular check-ups and doing everything it takes to keep up the cool and comfort of our residential and commercial clients, always.

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  • Royal Palm Beach AC Services Royal Palm Beach, FL 561-414-2156Repair and replacement of ACs
  • Installation of new AC units
  • Commercial/residential HVAC service
  • Flexible maintenance contracts
  • Duct layout
  • Air filter change
  • 24/7 emergency repairs
  • Leak fix
  • Energy efficiency improvement
  • Free consultation
  • Condenser/compressor repair
  • Ductless AC installation

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